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October 11, 2023
Dear Prep Family,
As a community charged with the Work of the Society of Jesus, we are called to identify first and primarily as a human family with a common responsibility for all people rather than just members of a particular nation or group. Unfortunately, around the world hate and violence has too frequently deprived our brothers and sisters of their human dignity and the respect that each of their lives deserve. There are ongoing wars, acts of senseless violence, and abuses of power being perpetrated to the point when we may become numb. However, there are moments when sin and action manifest in such an evil outcome that we are jarred awake and cannot look away, no matter how horrific the reality may be.
What we have witnessed in Israel and Palestine is exactly this—evil. The atrocities, devastation, and murder are contradictory to the sacredness of human life. There is no justification or legitimization of this horrifying brutality. There is no world that exists where these acts are condoned. The initial terrorist attacks and the brutal fighting that continues in its aftermath is counter to our beliefs as members of the human family, regardless of country or creed. We urge all world leaders to intervene. Too many have already been lost, and there is too much at stake for our humanity.
In the Spiritual Exercises, St. Ignatius teaches us we must not look away. Our mission demands that we must not stand aside while others are suffering, that we must give voice to the voiceless, and that we must be the hands and feet of God; then, we become the light in the face of darkness. 
We pray for the people of Israel. We pray for the people of Palestine. We pray for each of our brothers and sisters who are being violently robbed of their human dignity. We pray for those who have been killed and for their loved ones who are suffering. We pray for wisdom for and action from our world leaders. We pray for peace outside of our doors and around the world.
Mr. John Marinacci P '27
Rev. Stephen Surovick, S.J.
Senior Director, Mission and Ministry
Mr. Marinacci's Degrees
  • Bachelor of Arts, English and Writing, Loyola University Maryland
  • Certificate of Diversity and Inclusion, Cornell University
  • Master of Liberal Arts, Johns Hopkins University
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